The 5 Demonstrations of Higher Value or 5 DHVs


There are 5 key DHVs (again, the V = S+R Value) that I focus on conveying during the attraction stage:

1. Pre-selection. Prove other women find you attractive and SHE will think, if you have value for other women, it’s likely you have value for her too.

2. Leader of Men. If she aligns with the tribal leader, she benefits from his social resources.

3. Protector of Loved Ones. If SHE aligns with him, she too will be and feel protected.

4. Willing to emote. She may not know who you are, but if you can demo several normal emotional states, she’ll know you are emotionally normal and have familiarity with you because of it.

5. Successful Risk-taker. The operant is successful.

If you can systematically demo these 5 attraction switches, you WILL get IOIs.

By Mystery

In DHVing, V = S+R Value

DHV = Demonstration of Higher Value.

What exactly does that mean?

When you have opened a set, you will need to elude to the people in the group that you have some sort of value to them. The V in DHV stands for value. But what value are we speaking of specifically?

V = S+R Value.

S+R = Survival and Replication.

If you can provide evidence that you resources to improve someone’s chances of S+R, they will feel attraction for you.

In other words, a woman’s attraction circuits are really an “S+R Value judging system”. Perform specific S+R values, and people become attracted.

S+RV = SeRVe.

Can you serve a person? Do you have Value for them? Can you improve their chances of S+R in this life, by your presence and resources?

Well of course you can! But does SHE know your value for her? Has she felt it as you demonstrate? The Pickup Arts is performing arts. You must perform or demonstrate value early on so she feels the desire to seek your value.

By Mystery